Erin Kaden

Art Practices

Erin Kaden grew up in Houston, Texas and lived there for 22 years. Her interest in art began in high school and studied Studio Art at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas for a few years until she decided to relocate in Denver, Colorado. She has lived in Denver, Colorado for 7 years and enrolled at the University of Colorado Denver in 2022 to finish her studies and plans on graduating with a BFA in May 2022. Painting was her focus in her earlier work but in these past few years she has become more of an interdisciplinary artist and works with mediums such as sculpture, video, installations, and performance. She has had recent works shown at the Pirate Contemporary Art Gallery in Lakewood, Colorado and Iron in The West, in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Art being her therapy is the reason her works are so personal as she deals with themes relating to mental health and brings awareness to the effects mental health has on people and society. By pushing boundaries and creating dialogues that can be uncomfortable, her intention is to be an advocate and help others feel comfort and abandon the feeling of aloneness from the vulnerability that evokes from her work.