stephanie clouse

Art Practices & Transmedia Sculpture

Stephanie Clouse is a mixed-media artist from Denver, Colorado. She began pursuing an arts education in 2014 when she started attending University of Colorado at Denver. Since then she has been juried into exhibitions at Pirate Contemporary Art Gallery and Edge Gallery, and has worked on several immersive installations around the Denver area, including MOA’s Natura Obscura and Spectra Art Space’s Spookadelia. She has a love for collaborating and embraces the technological and interactive aspects of immersive art, but also values the traditional and contemplative in her personal practice. Her individual works focus on the intersections between the human-made and the natural, incorporating figural motifs with elements of nature in aims to remind the viewer that humans are a part of nature, not apart from it. She hopes to inspire a reverence for the natural world and motivate protection and preservation of precious ecosystems. Her upcoming work in the CU Denver BFA thesis show at Redline explores the ebb and flow of humanity and nature with a sense of poetry and a nod to histories.