brian beatte

Painting and Drawing & Photography

Brian Beatte grew up in the Midwest, gradually yielding his innate artistic abilities to a more traditional way of making a life. After studying English as an undergraduate, he eventually studied law, earning a J.D. and practicing as an attorney. Although Brian maintained his interest in the arts as he matured, it was not until mid-career that he formally committed to the arts as a profession—embarking on a rigorous course of study at the University of Colorado’s College of Arts and Media in order to construct a life that he could wholly commit to.

Brian’s art and process is concurrently informed by his formal education and wide-ranging life experiences. To date, his art education has expanded his practice areas to include painting, photography, sculpture, and digital media. Brian now exemplifies both the “expanded capacity” artist and the “creative problem solver.” Brian’s work has regularly been shown at Denver’s Emmanuel Gallery, where he has participated in a number of their annual Performance Art Week events. His complex and multilayered artwork highlights his commitment to intellectual curiosity, technical proficiency, and artistic rigor.