Jordyn Stewart

Art History

Born in Colorado and raised in California, Jordyn Stewart spent most of her formative years in a quiet Northern Californian town nestled on the American River. She credits the specialized curriculum she received at her high school, the Sacramento Waldorf School, with developing her affinity for the arts. She graduated with honors from cosmetology school and embarked on a career in beauty, working in salons and specializing in various services. Jordyn decided to refocus on her passion for art by attending CU Denver, where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Art History. Her main interests are Renaissance and Baroque art and architecture, and the relationship between humanity and the divine in their depictions.

Thesis Title
Let Us Make Mankind in Our Image: The Relational Evolution of Humanity and God in Renaissance and Baroque Art

Throughout art history there has been a clear relationship between humanity and the divine. In Italy this relationship has been clearly defined by Christendom and religious patronage. The evolution and style of these depictions rapidly evolved in the Renaissance and Baroque. Most scholars have provided a brief analysis on this evolution but have yet to create a comprehensive analysis on the reasons behind this evolution. This thesis will examine religious revolutions that impacted Italian Renaissance and Baroque art and artists, including the Protestant Reformation and the Catholic Counter Reformation. This paper will detail how these two movements influenced how people viewed and portrayed the relationship between humanity and God, shedding a light on the impact of religious patronage upon the cultural climate of the time.